NOVA Legacy MOD Apk

NOVA Legacy MOD Apk (v5.8.4a) Latest Version | Unlimited Everything

Updated May 14, 2024
NameNOVA Legacy MOD Apk
PublisherGameloft SE
Latest Version5.8.4a
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Multiplayer, and Trilithium
Rating Count196

If you are tired of collecting Trilithium endlessly and spending it cautiously. If you do not wish to spend real money for a premium gaming experience. And if you have had enough of watching ads for rewards. Then you need to download NOVA Legacy Mod APK latest version, 2023, for Android, to solve all your problems. There are other action games that you may like Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk.

Mod Features of Nova Legacy APK

Unlimited Gold

You will need gold coins to buy and upgrade your munition. In this mod , you will be awarded an endless treasure of gold coins to easily upgrade guns and buy all in-app purchases.

NOVA Legacy MOD Apk

Unlimited Trilithium

Enjoy an unlimited supply of Trilithium in the latest mod version 2023. You will need Trilithium to restore your health, to buy diamond, gold, silver, and bronze packs, and for other in-game purchases.

No Ads & All Unlocked

In order to make your gaming experience more appealing, NOVA Legacy Modded APK brings to you gameplay without any ads or interruptions. This mod version of NOVA Legacy is fully updated and unlocked. Enjoy unrestricted gaming without spending any real money

Overview of Nova Legacy MOD Apk

The story of N.O.V.A. Legacy Mod APK revolves around the protagonist Kal Wardin who is a veteran N.O.V.A. marine, and his personal AI assistant Yelena. Kal Wardin is summoned by the Colonial Administration forces to protect humans against an alien invasion and to uncover why they attacked.

NOVA Legacy MOD Apk

N.O.V.A. is the Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance, a military alliance responsible for protecting mankind in outer space. When their military cargo frigate Colonial Pride goes radio-silent, they have no choice but to reinstate their man Kal Wardin to get their ship back.

NOVA Legacy is a First-Person Shooting (FPS) game with multiple game modes, a fascinating inventory of hi-tech weapons, several game missions, and rewards.

Gameplay & Controls

Follow the directions of your AI Assistant, Yelena. Kill all Xenos, the invading aliens holding Colonial Pride ship hostage. Your health is limited; take cover when being attacked. Each individual mission contains three bonus reward missions: Base Reward, Skill Bonus, and Goal Bonus. Completing these missions will earn you greater rewards.

NOVA Legacy MOD Apk

Visit the Munition store to obtain valuable items to upgrade your defense against Xenos. Assault Rifles, Plasma Rifles, Shotguns, Melee, Sniper rifles, and Rocket Launchers. You can use weapons of your choice. Complete Daily challenges to earn gold, trilithium, consumables, and other rewards.

NOVA Legacy comes with three game Modes: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Events. NOVA Legacy is available to play both online and offline.

NOVA Legacy offers an amazing campaign experience along with its immersive multiplayer mode. Playing as Kal Wardin engaging in combat against invading aliens and uncovering the mystery behind their assault along the way 

NOVA Legacy MOD Apk

Multiplayer mode for N.O.V.A Legacy is the true highlight of the entire game. In Multiplayer mode, team up with friends in an exciting 4v4 Team Deathmatch mode competing against players all over the world across 4 maps Epsilon Bunker, Colonial Pride Ship, Alien City, and New Ceres Jungle. However, if you prefer to play alone, you can do that too through exciting 6-man deathmatches where you have to be the last player standing to win. Survive till the end to unlock new equipment and new weapons for your character.

Trilithium and Gold are the two game currencies present in NOVA Legacy, allowing you to buy all paid items. Save up trilithium and use it wisely to upgrade your weapons and equipment or to buy new ones. Collecting pack prizes will reward you with some extra trilithium for your journey.

NOVA Legacy also offers some fantastic visual designs and graphics. Weapon design and character skins are spectacular, and game textures are highly detailed. Special effects and designs for alien foes are also top-notch.

The enemy gets stronger with every new mission. Gather more weapons or upgrade existing ones to keep going. Equip your character with a Suitcore of at least the recommended strength. Each core type has unique perks that can improve the way you play.


NOVA Legacy was published on the Google Play store on 27 March 2017 by the French game developers Gameloft SE. After 50M+ downloads, NOVA Legacy stands with a 4-star rating. The game is supported by Android 4.0.3 and above.

Personal Review

It is a unique sci-fi shooting game with excellent 3D graphics, a fascinating storyline, and immersive gameplay. Multiple modes and their availability, both online and offline, make the game even more interesting. The game difficulty is just right to keep users hooked. NOVA Legacy is a great game to distract oneself whenever needed.


Katana, the traditional Japanese sword in NOVA Legacy Mod APK, contains a miniature particle accelerator that enables it to slice through the thickest armor. It requires charging to operate at full strength. Complete game missions to unlock Katana. Open packs to collect shadow cards for Katana. Use gold coins to upgrade it to its full potential.

To play multiplayer in NOVA Legacy, go to the main menu and tap Multiplayer mode. You can choose either Leagues or Private matches. Tap ‘Start’ to begin. The server will team you up automatically with players around the globe for a team death match.

To get weapons in NOVA Legacy, you need to collect shadow cards and gold coins by completing missions. Then you can unlock, buy and upgrade all your weapons. You can also download NOVA Legacy Mod APK if you wish to attain all unlocked weapons.


NOVA Legacy Mod APK is a great FPS game by Gameloft SE with futuristic gameplay and weaponry. The game comes with several interesting missions. It can also be played with friends online in multiplayer mode. Accomplish all missions to top the Global Leaderboard and win rewards.