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Planner 5D Mod APK v2.9.7 (Unlocked All Content) | Download Latest Version 

Updated March 19, 2024
NamePlanner 5D Mod APK
PublisherPlanner 5D
CategoryHouse & Home
Latest Versionv2.9.7
MOD FeaturesEverything Unlocked
Rating Count17,985

Interested in interior designing? You should definitely check the Planner 5D Mod APK which is loaded with creative and unique features. You can create and draw freely without any special skills. Not only this but you can also customise furniture and decor. A wide range of textures and colors also make the app appealing. 

In the modded version all paid items are unlocked. Screenshots that you take will be of high quality and you can also use the app without logging in. Planner 5D Mod for Android supports different languages including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc. Home can be designed using 2D or 3D aspects. Since you are here, you might be interested in Home Design 3D Mod APK which is a home designing app.

planner 5d mod apk

What is Planner 5D Mod APK?

Planner 5D APK is an excellent app for those who are interested in designing beautiful and realistic houses and interiors. You can design luxurious homes with modern as well as traditional designs. It is specially designed for Android users. Its old version is out of the market and we have brought you the latest version with enhanced features. You can start building your home from scratch and freely design the rooms. Users can have immersive experiences while designing realistic interiors and adding beautiful furniture. The app is not only useful for professional designers but also for beginners.

There is a wide range of options to choose from colors and textures of the room walls. You can even view on a big screen to have a detailed view of the properties. You can use this app online as well as offline. Moreover, you don’t have to log in to create designs but it is suggested to log in to save your progress. To share with other people and have feedback on your designs you can share on Facebook and Instagram.

With Modded Planner 5D you will get modified features that may be paid in the original. You can get these features for free and unlock everything for free. Furthermore, ads and notifications are blocked to make your experience hassle-free. The screenshots that you take will be of high quality and resolution. All the issues related to the app, such as bugs and glitches are solved in this version.

Important Features of Planner 5D APK

Building From Scratch

You can build your house from the very first brick. You don’t need many skills and can create your home from scratch.

building from scratch

Support for Many Languages

You don’t have to worry if you are not familiar with the English language. There is a wide range of languages available such as Spanish, Japanese, French Etc.

Add Furniture

To make your rooms look superb you can add furniture. Not only this, you can add decorative pieces such as mirrors and vintage items.

add furniture

Capture Images

In order to view the designs later or show them to your friends you can capture the images or take screenshots.

Use Without Internet

Internet connection is not compulsory for you to design your home. You can do that even without the internet.

Explore Designs of Other People

Sometimes you might lack the ideas and creativity of building your home. In this case, you can check the designs of other people in the online gallery of Planner 5D Mod. You cannot copy the designs but you can take some idea or inspiration.

explore designs of other people

View on Big Screen

Planner 5D APK allows you to connect with Chromecast to view on big screens and share with other people. The big screen is more convenient and allows you to view things in detail.

Colors and Textures

You can change the colors and textures of the walls, windows, doors, and floors. There is a wide range of variety in colors and textures. The color of the furniture can also be changed according to your preferences.

colors and textures

Social Networking

To make your experience more wonderful you can connect it to other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. One benefit of this connection is that you can get feedback and comments on your design.

3000+ Items

In Planner 5D there are more than 3000+ items that can be used in building and editing.

Mod Features of Planner 5D Mod APK:

Some of the features that are only available on the modified version are here!

All Features Unlocked

In the modified version of Planner 5D Mod, you can unlock any feature that you like. And unlocking is free of charge.

Works without Login

In the mod version, you don’t have to sign up and can design a home without logging in.


Ads and other notifications are restricted on this app so have a smooth functioning.

Additional features

  • It is anti-ban.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • It is safe and secure.

Personal reviews

It is a fantastic app for beginners who like interior design. There are large variations of items that can be used to design. The visuals are of high quality and can be used for presentations on the big screen.


Planner 5D APK is an app that allows you to design realistic homes using different items. It is a really useful app for professionals as well as beginners.

Yes, it is free to download and install.


Planner 5D APK is a House and home App where you can plan and design your home using 3000+ items. You can create a realistic view with perfect angles and colors. Enjoy enhanced features of Planner 5D Mod APK by downloading it from our webpage. All the features are unlocked and it is ad-free. Furthermore, the quality is enhanced so that the big screen view and screenshots are of high quality. The app is very easy to download and use. Don’t wait any longer and get yours here!