Age of Apes Mod APK

Download Age of Apes Mod APK v0.61.6 | Unlocked Everything

Updated March 6, 2024
NameAge of Apes Mod APK
Latest Versionv0.61.6
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Everything
Rating Count38750

In the challenging world of the Age of Apes game the mod version stands as a game changer that provides everything in the game at no cost. With the Age of Apes Mod APK, players get access to all in-game features and items. This provides free access to choose your desired items from the game shop without paying a single penny.

Furthermore, this application facilitates you to improve your gameplay with the best available items. For example, if you want to get powers or skills then you can upgrade the character easily. Like the Space Gangster 2, it provides you access to free upgrades and customization that will enhance your gameplay. Apart from that, the safe and secure access of the app ensures a reliable platform.

Age of Apes Mod APK

What is the Age of Apes Mod APK?

This is a mod version of the game where users get multiple features unlocked for free. If you are a newbie desperate to uplift the performance overnight, then you can download the mod version of the game. It will unlock everything that will help you increase your gaming skills. Furthermore, the skills of players will increase instantly which is quite similar to the modified version of Rise of Kingdoms.

Besides, the official version where players have to spend a lot of time on practice to get the basic items is easily available in the mod version. In addition, it will help you to upgrade the town hall which will lead you to join various battles. The more you explore the map the higher challenges you will get. Joining the challenges will open new doors of opportunities where you can practice the game daily.

Furthermore, if you ever find it difficult to unlock any item then it is the best alternative. Because with the Age of Apes mod menu you get everything in the palm of your hands. Whether you want to unlock the most powerful ape or get unlimited bananas, you can get them in a single click. Also, the app has no drawbacks so it is safe and secure to use.

Age of Apes Mod Menu

Features of Age of Apes Mod Menu

Most of the users are confused regarding the features available in the mod version of the game. Below we have added the unique mod features that you will get in this application. This will clear the misconceptions regarding the modified version of Age of Apes.

Unlock Apes

The game characters are divided into groups based on their powers. The top-class characters are rare to find. However, using the mod app will provide you free access to unlock any character you want. Select the Apes you want to unlock and use them in the games.

Age of Apes Mod Free Upgrades

Free Upgradation

This application provides you with an open platform where you can easily upgrade the game resources and kingdom. If you want to become a renowned player then you need to carry both kingdom and character upgrades together. Therefore, this application will assist you in easily balancing both things.

Unlimited Energy and Resources

Every upgradation of items requires spending of energy and steel. You can’t upgrade anything unless you have enough materials. The Age of Apes Mod APK ensures that users will get unlimited energy and steel for items and building upgrades.

Unlimited Money

If you want to get unlimited discs in the game then here is a simple and quick solution for that. You can access as many game discs as you want with this feature.

Unlocked Everything

You indeed have to play the game to unlock anything. However, some curious players want to explore everything in the beginning. For such users, the mod unlocks everything. For example, it removes the fog on the map which will allow you to join any battle you want.

Age of Apes Mod Unlocked Everything

Upgrade Skills

Upgrading your character is the main pillar of achieving victory in the game. Unless you upgrade your avatar you won’t be able to perform well. So take advantage of this feature to level max your battle hero.

Unlock Talents

Apart from the normal attacks, you can also cause extra damage to the opponents with the superpowers. In the beginning, you cannot use these powers due to the low game level. Whereas, the mod provides you these powers at any level of the character.

Game Overview of Age of Apes

The game is based on the combat skills of users where one player becomes the winner. To survive in the game you need certain skills and powers. Without proper gaming skills, it is tough to stand against the top players. Apart from that, you have to customize and upgrade the building or characters to uplift the gameplay which is easy to handle in the mod version.

Age of Apes Mod vs Original Game

These are the differences between the mod menu and the official version of the game.

Mod MenuOriginal Game
Free unlock charactersUpgrade levels to unlock characters
Provides unlimited moneyComplete the challenges to collect money
Instant upgradesUpgrades take time
Unlock everythingAccomplish the tasks to explore the game

Personal Reviews

The Age of Apes is a unique Android-based game where skillful players can survive. However, the mod is like a cherry on top because it unlocks everything. You can unlock your desired items without any waiting or subscription. Apart from that, it will provide enriched features such as no fog, instant upgradation, and unlocked resources.


Collect the bananas and fight the opponents. Achieve the targets before your opponents and become the winner of the game.

Get unlimited energy and resources to use them for the upgradation of items and buildings. Level max each item to improve the performance.

Yes, it will provide unlimited rewards within the game. You can claim the free rewards to use them for various purposes according to your needs.


Lastly, if you are looking forward to improving your gameplay then download the Age of Apes Mod APK. This application has everything you need to improve your gaming experience. From unlocking the rare items to free upgradation everything is possible at no cost. In addition, the ad-free experience provides an enjoyable platform for the gamers.