Apex Racing Mod APK + OBB v1.11.3 | Free Purchase & Unlimited Money

Updated January 21, 2024
NameApex Racing Mod APK
Mod FeaturesAll Cars Unlocked & Unlimited Money
Rating Count550

Feeling the need for speed? Get ready to hit the gas and take your racing experience to a whole new level with Apex Racing Mod APK by Apex Games. With stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and buckets of pure adrenaline-filled fun, this app is sure to get your heart pumping.

Game Overview and Gameplay

The game offers a variety of tracks, cars, opponents, and modes to provide endless hours of entertainment. You can customize your car with different styles and performance parts and compete in races with up to 12 racers.


The main goal of Apex Racing is to win each race using expert driving techniques. You will be able to choose from 20+ officially licensed vehicles like Koenigsegg, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis as you race against AI opponents or other players online. These cars are outfitted with high-performance parts that can be purchased through in-game tokens or earned through successful racing performances. If you like Racing games you can download Tuning Club Online Mod Apk & Stock Car Racing Mod Apk.


Gameplay focuses on traditional street racing where racers must navigate around tight turns while keeping their speed up for the fastest possible time. Races are divided into heats with time trial rounds before proceeding to competitive head-to-head events if multiple players are involved in a single match. During a race, you have to look out for shortcuts, jump ramps, and other objects that can give you an edge against your competitors as well as collect coins from pickups scattered across the track for rewards at the end of each session.

Apex Racing also features several special event weekends where players can take part in exclusive competitions such as drifting tournaments or special limited-time challenges that offer unique rewards upon completion.

Sounds awesome? Well, let’s see what its modded version has to offer us.

Features of Apex Racing Mod APK

These are some of the features of Apex Racer MOD APK:

Traditional Racing Gameplay

Apex Racing offers traditional racing gameplay that is familiar to many gamers. It requires the player to compete online with other racers from around the world, showing their driving skills to reach the finish line before their opponents.

Each race will contribute points towards a global leaderboard, so you can track your progress against all your peers playing Apex Racing. Ultimately, winning races is the only way to gain access to these leaderboards and prove yourself as one of the best players out there.


Impressive Car Collection

Another key component of Apex Racing is its impressive car collection, which includes many different models of cars with varying advantages and disadvantages.

Players can choose between these cars depending on certain criteria that suit their style best. Not only that, but Apex Racing also allows users to customize each car’s appearance for a more exciting experience while racing.

In addition, featured upgrades are available on all parts of each car for further customization by players who want an even greater level of detail when it comes to improving their vehicle’s performance on the track.

Many Realistic Racing Locations

Apex Racing Hack APK offers players a thrilling experience of racing in different locations. Each race will feature a unique track layout, with some tracks inspired by real-world racing tracks including Ebisu Minami and Angeles Crest Highway. This gives the game an authentic feel, as you compete against opponents in familiar settings.


High-Quality Graphics

Apex Racer mod APK is renowned for its high-quality graphics like 3 Patti Blue that bring remarkable detail to each race. The vibrant visuals draw you into the world of Apex Racing, making it easy to become immersed in the action.

Despite having powerful graphics nonetheless, the game allows you to experience this impressive visual fidelity on mid-range mobile devices without any issues. You can also enjoy realistic lighting effects during races as well as beautiful vistas of each location while you zip around tight corners or jump over challenging obstacles.

Car Stuck in Walls Post High-Speed Crash

Crash and crash again – no worries. Apex Racing Mod APK makes sure that your cars are safe even after a high-speed crash.

A new feature has been added to the game which ensures that your cars no longer get stuck in walls after a high-speed wreck. So, next time you go full throttle, don’t worry about crashing.

Drift Camera Aligned with Tight and Loose Cameras

Experience your races like never before with the new drift camera feature in Apex Racing. The drift camera now has the same position as both tight and loose cameras so you can adjust it depending on what angle suits you best.

Get up close and personal with the action or take some time out to admire the background, all while getting an amazing view of all the spectacular stunts performed by skilled racers in-game.

Adjustable Camera Distance and Height

Apex Racing allows players to customize their gaming experience by allowing them to adjust both camera distance and height for better immersion during races.

So, increase or decrease how far away from your car you view each race, alongside changing how much elevation there is between yourself and the track below, making for an incredibly unique experience each time you jump onto a track.

People’s Review

Apex Racing Hack APK has been a hit among gamers, with many praising its realistic graphics, intuitive controls, and fast-paced action. Players have found the game to be intense yet satisfying as they drive through tough terrain and take on challenging obstacles in their quest for victory. The features of the game such as custom car customization, different driving modes, and RPG elements have made it highly engaging for players; giving them all reasons to keep coming back for more racing excitement.


Apex Racing is a racing and drifting game with ultra-realistic vehicle simulation, featuring real-time multiplayer and single-player modes.

There are 2 modded versions. In the first one, there are ads that are rewarding, thus helping you to add coins to your account. The second modded version has no ads.

Yes, you get free purchases and unlimited money with the modded version.


Overall, Apex Racing MOD APK is an incredibly enjoyable game full of intense action-packed races from start to finish that will leave you wanting more each time you complete a lap. With all its exciting features such as customizable cars and realistic graphics plus sound effects – it’s sure to be one of your go-to games when competing against friends or on your own in any RPG setting.