Character AI Mod APK

Download Character AI Mod APK v1.7.5 | No Filters and Unlock Premium

Updated February 8, 2024
NameCharacter AI Mod APK
Latest Versionv1.7.5
MOD FeaturesNo Filters
Rating Count26850

Do you want to turn a boring day into a memorable moment? Download the Character AI Mod APK on your devices to get free assistance. Share your thoughts and feelings with AI bots to enjoy your leisure time. This powerful AI app can hear, understand, and respond to your commands. Get free access to all in-app features with the mod version of the app.

The official app has some restrictions and drawbacks. To counter these issues you can use the mod version of the app. In addition, like Tele Latino Apk you can also generate AI images. So whether you want to talk to someone or create unique designs or images everything is possible with this app. Download the updated version of the mod app to explore new features for free.

Character AI Mod APK

What is Character AI Mod APK?

This is one of the best artificial intelligence innovations like the MSPY Mod to help users talk with AI bots and perform different actions on their devices. Those who are introverted can share that life experience or feelings and the best thing is that it will not judge them on their nature. Moreover, it will provide assistance and quick response to all your questions in time.

However, the only thing that troubles the users is the premium plan of the app. Most users don’t want to invest money therefore the best alternate available for this app is the Character AI mod. This simple yet influential mod app will unlock everything without any investment of real cash. Get the mod app for free and access everything to experience the innovations of AI.

Character AI Chats

Mod Features of Character AI App

The world is shifting towards AI and there is a huge demand for tools and apps. Mostly the tools are paid therefore, the only way to unlock the premium of these tools is by using the mod app. The mod apps unlock the premium and provide everything without any charges. Similarly, for this entertainment app, you will get the following mod features for free:

Unlocked All

Download the mod app to unlock everything in the app for free. No need to spend money on premium plans anymore. Use the filters to create unique content and get ads free experience. Free download the mod app and take advantage of everything easily.

Unlimited Messages

The mod app allows the users to chat with the bots as long as they want. You can type unlimited messages in this free app. Unlike the official app, there are no limits to the messages. Furthermore, it will store the record of all chats to assist you better in the future. 

Character AI VIP Services

Unlock Premium

If the premium subscription of the official app is a headache for you then shift to the mod app. There are no premium subscriptions in the mod version like the AI Mirror Mod APK. Everything is open and accessible for free. Furthermore, it will also unlock the premium VIP subscription of the application at zero cost.

Create Free Groups

The official app does not allow normal users to create their groups. You can only create groups by spending real cash. However, the mod app does not restrict the users from creating the groups. You can add members to the groups or join with others to enhance the interaction. Through daily communication and connection, you will improve your social circle.

Chat with Anyone

The application allows you to chat with any bot or user-created character for free. This is not a part of the free plan. However, the mod app allows you to avail this opportunity. Apart from that, you can also talk with the normal AI bot. The experience of users depends on the commands they provide and the bots will reply to every question you ask.

Community Access

Get free interaction with the community of the app. Nothing will hold you back from interacting with the community. Share your ideas and learn new things from others. Mutual respect is important and do not share negativity. Ask your questions in the community and become friends with new users from different backgrounds.

Character AI Community

Membership Badge

There is a special badge for the premium plan purchasers. Nevertheless, most users also want this badge on their username for free. So for such users, the mod application will provide the membership badge for free. This will provide a positive impression on other users and everyone will desire to become your alliance.

Faster Response Times

Get immediate responses from the bots, users, and community. Enable this feature to get instant replies which will ultimately save time. Apart from that, this is one of the premium plans of the app which is available for free in the mod app. So avail this feature to improve your experience.

Priority Access

There is another benefit of downloading the mod app. It will list you among the priority members of the app where you will get VIP services. For example, the priority access will skip the waiting room. You will get instant services that will uplift your experience and you will be able to utilize your skills efficiently.

Additional Features

  • Earn access
  • Millions of user-created characters
  • Invite friends
  • Protects your information
  • Privacy protected
  • Advance creations

Overview of Character AI Mod APK

This extraordinary app allows users to chat with anyone they want. Whether you want to chat with your celebrity crush or the famous personalities in the world, you can do it in a single click. Unlock the premium of the app for free and get VIP services. Share your conversations and impress your friends with this amazing application.

Personal reviews

This AI tool is a game changer because it allows users to chat with anyone remotely. Get instant replies from the bots and take advantage of free in-app features. Uplift your experience and show your creativity to impress others.


Yes, this app will generate AI replies on behalf of the person you want to talk to.

No, this app does not allow it.

The Chai AI does not contain the NSFW filters.


To sum up, the Character AI mod APK is the easiest solution for accessing the in-app features. This application will provide everything for free so that you will not have to purchase the premium plan. Apart from that, it is safe to use and protects your privacy.