Genshin Impact Mod APK

Download Genshin Impact Mod APK v4.4.0 | Unlimited Money and Mod Menu

Updated February 24, 2024
NameGenshin Impact Mod APK
CategoryRole Playing
Latest Versionv4.4.0
Size136 MB
MOD FeaturesMod Menu
Rating Count98200

Embark on the astonishing battlefield of Genshin Impact, one of the best RPG games on the internet. Select characters and get special powers to show remarkable performances on the battlegrounds with Genshin Impact Mod APK. Unlock new skills and weapons to increase the attacking range and defeat opponents to secure victory.

Become one of the game’s top players to increase the chances of survival. Improve your gaming skills and spend time on the practice ground to improve your gameplay. Combat the weirdest creatures and eliminate them. Like other RPG games such as Archero Mod APK this game also provides a dynamic gaming experience to the users. Enjoy your gameplay by availing the top-notch features for free.

Genshin Impact Mod APK

What is Genshin Impact Mod APK?

Genshin is an interesting game packed with unique features and energetic gameplay. The toughest combats and unbeatable opponents increase the difficulty of the game making the best survivals. The game is challenging and survival chances are low therefore, you need upgraded skills and weapons to stand against the race. Apart from that, collection of resources is also mandatory.

In light of this, many players lack the required skills therefore, they are unable to survive. However, by using the mod application those players can also improve the gameplay. In addition, they can also master the skills required for survival overnight. All in all, this application is a game changer, especially for the noob players. Like the Evertale Mod APK it improves the battle skills of gamers for easy survival.

Genshin Impact Explore Map

Key Features of Genshin Impact Mod Menu

The mod menu provides all the customized features. These features are either locked or require premium in the official game. Therefore, to access these features for free you can use the mod version of the game. This will cost nothing and gamers will be able to unlock everything for free. Below are some of the best mod features of this game:

Private Server

Enjoy your gameplay with friends on a private server for free. If you are getting ping issues or your game is not running smoothly then you can shift to the private server to experience smooth gameplay. Furthermore, it also allows you to add customized items and equipment to make the gameplay interesting.

Unlock Characters

The game consists of various in-game characters just like Epic Seven Mod APK. The most popular characters are Wriothesley, Bennett, Furina, and Fischl. With the mod app, you can easily unlock these characters to join the battles. In addition, every character consists of powerful combat skills and moves. With these strong characters, you can easily eliminate the opponents.

Genshin Impact Unlock Characters

Escalate Strikes

Normally, your attacks do not cause enough damage to early knock out the enemies. You have to attack multiple times to defeat a single enemy. However, by using this feature your attacking range will increase enabling you to defeat the toughest opponents in a single shot.

Level Up

If you are unable to increase the level with the ordinary gameplay then try using this feature. With this, you can level up the characters to get more opportunities. In addition, with a higher level, you will get more health and premium skills.

No Damage

During a combat against the toughest opponents, players often get high damage from the opponent’s strike. This makes it difficult to survive and win the match. As an alternative, you can enable the no-damage feature to reduce the damage caused by the enemies. No matter how many times you get hit by the enemies your character’s health will not decrease.

Unlock Mysteries

The game is not about fighting the opponents or defeating them. Gamers have to complete the assigned tasks and solve mysteries. Normally, it takes a lot of time to complete a single challenge as you have to roam across the map. With this feature, you will get the navigations for the challenges allowing you to solve and find the hidden challenges in seconds.

Unlock Premium

Get the premium from Genshin Impact without any subscription charges. Access the in-game shop and purchase your desired items for free. Choose the best items to ensure your survival and defeat the opponents effortlessly.

Unlimited Primogems

Get unlimited primogems and unlock new opportunities by using the Genshin Impact Mod APK. Summon the top characters and get an unlimited supply of resources. Improve your battle skills and fight the strongest opponents to get valuable items.

Additional Features

  • No ads
  • Traveler one hit
  • Amber one hit
  • Ultimate skills
  • NA Speed
  • Normal to ultra
  • Sprint NTU
  • God Mode

How to use the Genshin mod menu?

Download the Genshin Impact mod and get the customizable mod menu. From the mod menu, enable your desired features such as traveler to increase the speed of character or amber one hit to eliminate the target in a single shot. Get access to a private server and increase FPS to 120 for a better experience. In addition, select unlimited stamina to perform actions without waiting for the cooldown timer

Genshin Impact Combat

Personal reviews

Getting a better ping and high FPS on a low-end device is a real challenge. However, the mod application provides both of these qualities so that the gamers will not face challenges. In addition, the god mode helps the players to become pro players effortlessly. Apart from that, it unlocks the premium and provides top-notch features to enhance the experience of gamers.


Using a mod app for a long time is not a wise decision. If found out it can lead to a permanent ban of accounts.

To play this game, users have to connect their devices to an internet connection. You cannot enjoy the game without an internet connection.

As the mod app provides free shopping and customizable features, therefore, it is not available on the Play Store. This kind of action violates the policy of official app stores.


To wrap things up, as a gamer if you are unable to access the in-game items or finding it difficult to survive then download Genshin Impact Mod APK. Get unlimited access to in-game resources and improve your gameplay. Unlock the top characters and items to battle against the opponents. Get victory by eliminating the opponents in no time and become a pro player overnight.