Hero Wars Mod APK

Hero Wars Mod APK v1.187.001 | Unlimited Money and Gems

Updated January 12, 2024
NameHero Wars Mod APK
PublisherNexters Global
CategoryRole Playing
Latest Versionv1.187.001
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money and Gems
Rating Count8308

Nexters Global has developed a compelling role-playing game known as Hero Wars. It is full of entertainment and thrill with many amazing game features. However, there is a drawback for the new users. To defeat the opponents you need a strong army and powerful skills. With the Hero Wars Mod APK, you will get amazing features and in-game items for free.

Moreover, this app will uplift your gameplay by providing you with all the required items in the game. Furthermore, it will enhance your overall gameplay by unlocking the best items and characters in the game. Like the Rumble Heroes MOD APK, in this game, you must defeat all your opponents to win the battles. Therefore, you need a strong army which this app provides for free. Download now and unlock everything for free.

Hero Wars Mod APK

What is Hero Wars Mod APK?

This mod application is developed to unlock the premium items of Hero Wars for free. With the help of this application, you can access all the in-game items at zero cost. Furthermore, you will get the best items available in the game and also it has made shopping free for all users. From the game shop, you can unlock new heroes, purchase new tools, upgrade your characters, and much more.

With a strong army and unique leadership skills, you can easily survive till the end by eliminating all the opponents. Moreover, you can also complete the boss levels by using the Hero Wars Mod APK. Apart from that, you will get unlimited money and gems in this app which you can use for upgrading your characters and unlocking various items of the game for free.

MOD Features of Hero Wars Mod APK

The mod application of the renowned RPG has a lot to offer to the users. With the help of this application, players can unlock everything in the game easily. Furthermore, the Hero Wars Mod graphics are similar to the official game and everything resembles the official game. However, there are some additional features that you get in this app which are as follows:

Unlimited money and gems

The game currency of Hero Wars is money, gems, and emeralds. With these, you can purchase new items from the game shop. Moreover, you can get new powers and other items. Therefore, the Hero Wars Mod APK provides unlimited money and gems so that you can get whatever you want effortlessly.

Unlimited energy

Each time you join a battle you have to spend energy. These are like the tickets which get zero after a certain time. In the official game, you will run out of energy which needs cooldown time to fill again. To save time the mod menu provides unlimited energy so you can play unlimited matches without wasting time on cooldowns.

Damage and defense multiplier

With the help of the Hero War Mod app, you will get more powerful defenses. In this way, you will get less damage from the opponents. Likewise, your damage range and rate will increase. Your normal attacks will cause more efficient damage to the opponents and you can eliminate them instantly.

Free shopping

There are special items and tools in the game shop which you can only access if you have enough money. So by using this application, you will get unlimited access to all the items of the game. You can unlock your favourite equipment and tools from the shop without spending a single penny.

Unlock heroes

There are different types of characters available in this game which you can use to fight the battles. With the Hero Wars Mod’s latest version, you can easily unlock the top heroes of the game for free. Moreover, you can choose the best characters to enhance your performance and eliminate the enemies in time.

Hero Wars Characters Unlock

Upgrade skills and powers

The game’s characters use various types of special powers and skills which improve the performance. Furthermore, they can cause more damage to the enemies. So by using the mod app, you will get the best and strongest powers in the game. Also, it will uplift your skills which will make you a pro player of the game.

Special powers

The Hero Wars mod menu will provide access to different special powers. You can select the powers of your desire to use them in the battles. With the help of special powers, you can easily defeat the monsters and their bosses. In this way, you can easily win the matches to become a renowned player.

Hero Wars Gameplay

Secret gifts

You will get amazing rewards every day in this game. These rewards are free of cost and they are available after every 24 hours. By getting these secret gifts you will get amazing items that will provide a unique experience of the game.

Additional features

  • No ads
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free rewards and bonuses
  • Get free crates
  • Unlimited emeralds
  • unlimited everything
  • No subscription required

Personal reviews

The Hero Wars mod provides an immersive experience by unlocking everything. I am interested in unlimited money and emeralds because they help us to upgrade the characters and get the best powers. Moreover, there are various free rewards and bonuses which increase the excitement of the game. Also, the free shopping feature allows us to access the in-game items for free.


The fairy dust rewards are used to level up the titan artifacts. These will increase the special power damage of the characters.

In this role-playing game, you have to fight different battles and defeat all the opponents to complete the levels.

These items are used to summon the icy storm at the enemies. It is a special power that causes valuable damage to the opponents.


To summarize, the Hero Wars Mod APK is a useful app that provides a wide range of features to users. With the help of this app, players can improve their gameplay and get a better performance in the games. Moreover, it will provide access to everything for free. Unlike other mod apps, there are no ads that reduce the enjoyment of the games. Download the latest version to get free access to everything.