Heroes Strike Mod Apk v92 (2024) – Unlimited Gems and Coins

Updated January 25, 2024
NameHeroes Strike Mod Apk
PublisherWolfFun Pte Ltd.
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems
Rating Count5,000

Do you want to take part in interesting fights with many interesting heroes available for you to choose from? The Heroes Strike Mod APK is the perfect game for you. Developed by WolfFun, the game offers many unique heroes with different strengths and weaknesses, which can be used in different arenas and game modes of the hero’s strike. You have the exciting challenges featured in the game and a chance to see exceptional graphics like SkillTwins 2 Mod APK, make friends with similar interests, and have science fiction battles all at once.

In the modified version of the game, you are provided with different mod features e.g. unlimited money and gems that make winning easier. With unlimited money and gems, you can unlock and purchase the different premium features of the game, which may be difficult to do before. You can also have an undisturbed, ad-free experience as the mod game version removes any ads in between the gameplay

Game Overview Of Heroes Strike Mod Apk

The game provides exhilarating battles in different settings. The players can choose the heroes they want to fight against the different opponents in this action-packed, fast-paced game. This opponent can be other characters joining the game worldwide or computer-generated AI characters.


Many hero characters are provided in the game, each having a different skill set and powers from the others. The players can utilize this and weapons to fight against the different nemesis in the game and progress ahead. These weapons will include the basic sets of weapons available in the different games, like knives and swords. Additionally, you will also have different powerful magic and spells to destroy your enemy as well.

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Mod Features Of Heroes Strike Mod Apk

The mod features of the game make it exciting to play, as you can easily access the different features that are unavailable in the non-modded version. These mod features include;

Unlimited Gems

Gems are a virtual currency in Heroes Strike that can be utilized to unlock and improve heroes, buy skins, and access different game features. In the original game version, gems can be obtained by completing missions, winning battles, or buying them through in-app purchases with real money.

However, in a modified version of the game that includes the “unlimited gems” feature, players can obtain an unlimited amount of gems without earning or buying them in the game. This feature allows players to freely unlock and upgrade heroes, purchase skins, and access other features without any limitations.

All Heroes Unlocked

There are more than fifty heroes featured in the Heroes Strike Hack APK divided into different categories, tank, assassin, marksmen, and mage. Each hero will possess a unique set of characteristics determining their strength and weaknesses and the ability to participate in different fights.

While in the non-mod version of the game, not all heroes are unlocked, and only some are available in the initial stages of the game. As you progress, you can unlock the different characters which takes a lot of time. Therefore, the modded version of the game provides all heroes unlocked from the beginning.

No Ads

The ads are never fun. They can pause the gameplay, especially when you are trying to clear the levels in a row and get your name on the leaderboards.

Therefore, with the mod APK version of Heroes Strike, you can have an ad-free experience and focus on strategic battles without unwanted interruptions. 

Different Gaming Modes

In the Heroes Strike mod APK, you can access the different gaming modes to make the game more interesting. In team battles, players can team up with other players from different parts of the world and engage in strategic battles against enemy teams.


In one-on-one duels, players face off against a single opponent to determine who is the strongest hero. These battles can be against other players or computer-generated AI bots.

Moreover, there are also survival challenges available, and players must survive enemies that will come one after the other.

Different Gaming Arenas

The game’s main attraction is the different arenas in which it can be played, making it different from other strategy games. In the gladiator arena, the game will be set as a gladiator fight in Rome. You will have to fight against the enemy while sidestepping the different obstacles.


In the neon city, you will fight against your opponents in the futuristic city filled with neon lights. However, in the temple ruins, you will be surrounded by the ruins of the temple, which feature different pillars and traps.


The game currently has eight different arena settings: Gladiator Arena, Snowy Mountains, Neon City, Magma Fortress, Dark Forest, Pirate Bay, Temple Ruins, and Moon Station.

Yes, Heroes Strike is safe to play, as long as you download the game from a website like ours.

Heroes Strike allows players to team up with other players and engage in strategic battles against enemy teams. There are different multiplayer modes, from the 3 v 3 challenges to the 12 v 12 challenges modes


Heroes Strike Mmod APK provides players with action-packed gameplay with fast combat, distinctive heroes, and various game modes to keep them interested and entertained. Players of all skill levels can enjoy the Heros Strike game thanks to its simple controls and clear gameplay rules. With its range of heroes and game modes, it offers a rich gameplay experience that keeps players coming back for more. With the mod features of all characters unlocked, the player can access the main attractions of the games easily and for free