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Jikage Rising Mod APK (2024) | Unlimited Money & Unlock All Characters

Updated March 28, 2024
NameJikage Rising Mod APK
PublisherSmiling Dog
Latest Versionv2.05
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Rating Count9,513

There is good news for anime lovers because we have brought the Jikage Rising Mod APK which has many anime characters in it. Those who watch anime a lot will understand how it feels to have anime fandoms. It is a game with many famous characters including everyone’s favourite Naruto. You will find yourself deep into the anime characters once you start the game.

In the world of Naruto, you will take the role of its characters. You will find yourself in the Konoha region and there will be multiple missions to complete. You will go into the past and unlock your powers. There are multiple characters that you will come across and interact with. To make sure you unlock all characters, get unlimited money, and unlock premium features, make sure you download the modded Jikage Rising APK. You can also check Rumble Heroes Mod APK if you like games based on heroic journeys.

jikage rising mod apk

About Jikage Rising Mod APK

It is a conversational game where you have to become your favorite anime character and complete some missions. The game was developed by a Smiling Dog and it is not recommended for children. The gameplay of the game is very interesting and based on the Naruto anime and its characters. In the region of Konoha, the game takes place and you get to choose from different characters to play.

There are other 3 villages which are named Kiri, Suna, and Kumo. With the progress of the game, the characters are upgraded and players get the ability to unlock new powers. In the game, you have to win the trust of others and take advantage to control your clan. You should have complete control over Sakura, Tenten, Eino, and Hinato. The game is filled with suspense and thrill. 

The storyline of each character is unique and you will be able to interact with them as you move forward. Being an adult simulation game it allows you to do whatever you want. You can go to any part of the map and do anything. But to maximise your enjoyment it is best to follow the storyline. You can proceed playing alone or you can choose multiplayer mode where you can compete with others. Furthermore, the graphics of the game are amazing with a focus on minor details.

Some accessories, villagers, shops, and other buildings can be seen in the game which add details to the game. The visuals themselves are in HD and very immersive. Overall, the game is highly praised for its unique design and gameplay. But the most fun part is the mod version of the game. In Jikage Rising Mod you unlock all the characters and get all the premium features for free. You can unlock everything including money. With these features, the game becomes a must-play.

General Features of Jikage Rising APK


There are many characters in this game that you can choose from. In the initial levels, you will select a primary character and later on interact with other characters. Each character will have a unique storyline and when the characters meet, the stories will intertwine.

unlock all characters


There is a huge map that will help you since you will be traveling a lot. Together with your clan or alone, you can complete your missions using the map. The map is so huge that there will be never-ending missions to keep you engaged.


The storyline of each character is unique and interesting. Your character will be a part of a clan and will have to accomplish missions. You will be in the region called Konoha where you will start travelling to different regions.

Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer mode, you can compete against other players that can be online or local. There are also some special events where you can participate and earn rewards.

Stunning Graphics

The game focuses on every minute detail and the graphics persuade you to keep on playing. There are many small interesting details like shops, different accessories, and villagers. The graphics are high quality too.

Do Whatever You Want

In this game, you can do whatever you want this also includes going anywhere and eating anything. But the best is to follow the storyline.

Key Features of Jikage Rising Mod APK

Certain features are not available on the original app so you have to download the mod version to enjoy those features.

Unlock All Characters

You will be able to unlock all your favorite characters without paying a single penny.

Unlimited Money

To do in-app shopping you will get unlimited money.

unlimited money

Unlock Everything

The premium features and everything else is available for free.


Enjoy the game without being disturbed by ads and other notifications. We have blocked all distractions for you to keep focus on your game.

Additional features

  • It is free to download and install.
  • Supports all devices.
  • It is fast-paced and all bugs are fixed.

Personal reviews

When I finished watching Naruto I was emotionally involved in the characters. But then I stumbled upon this Jikage Rising Mod. I play this game daily to keep the memory of Naruto fresh. 


The characters in this game are from an anime series called Naruto.

Yes, the developers of this version have claimed it to be free from viruses and therefore safe to download.


This game is specially designed for those who have enjoyed watching Naruto and now want to relive the lives of the characters. The gameplay is very interesting and involves accomplishing different missions. There is a huge map that you can use for traveling and completing goals. We recommend you download Jikage Rising Mod APK to enjoy unlocked characters, unlimited money, and unlocked all features. Download this game and become one of the Naruto characters.