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Updated February 18, 2024
Latest Versionv1.20.17
MOD FeaturesMod Menu, Unlimited Everything
Rating Count47,899

Do you enjoy playing survival-based games? If yes then you are truly at the right place because this article will introduce you to the most fascinating realistic survival game named Last Day on Earth MOD APK that is developed by Kefir. The game involves killing the zombies and building houses for survival. 

Additionally, this is a mod version that has all the amazing features like unlimited money, gold, a mod menu, and one hit kill that is enjoyed by many players. The players can make most of these features just like the Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK and enjoy the game fully. Further details about this game are mentioned below 


Modded features of Last Day on Earth Mod APK

To ensure the smooth gameplay and immense interest of the players some advanced modded features have been added to the last day on Earth mod APK. The description of those features is as follows

Unlimited Everything

Last Day on Earth hack APK offers everything unlimited, players can enjoy multiple features and everything for free from outfits to various items of their choice. Players do not need to wait to unlock these items.

No ads

The ads are also blocked in this mod version of the game. You can fully focus on the gameplay as no pop-ups or ads appear on the screen.

Unlocked weapons

One of the most outstanding features of Last Day on Earth modded APK is that it includes all weapons unlocked. Players can equip the strongest weapons of their choice like a shotgun, Hatchet, zip gun, and Glock 17, and use them to smash the zombies who come in the way. 

Mod menu

The feature of the mod menu in the Last Day on Earth hack APK works like magic. You can get access to all events by using this feature. Additionally, you’ll acquire a function that allows for instant travel, enabling you to move anywhere without using any energy and it allows the player to do anything in the game according to his choice.

One hit kill

This modded feature of Last Day on Earth enables the players to kill their enemies in a single shot. All the zombies can be easily smashed enabling the player to save time and earn many rewards.

Unlimited Energy

The latest version also offers unlimited energy and health to its players which means that the player does not need to worry about being defeated. No zombie bite or attack will reduce your health.

Chopper Ready

The latest update of Last Day on Earth Mod APK provides users with the Chopper ready feature which is very crucial in exploring new landscapes and finding valuable resources. With the Chopper you can boundlessly play new missions with less effort and increase your survival strategies.

Unlimited Money/Gold

The most important currency of the game is gold which is used to purchase weapons and important resources in the game. The resources include food, water, materials, and many more. The gold is earned when you clear the tough levels of the game. On the other hand, this mod provides unlimited gold just as you download the Last on Day Earth MOD APK.

Unlimited Craft Points for Free Crafting

In this action-adventure game, players can craft anything like weapons, armor, furniture, and other resources. These items are located in the crafting menu option. In this game, the items found in the crafting menu option are regarded as blueprints. To craft these items, you need an important game currency called Craft Points which is not easy to earn in this game. However, you will find unlimited craft points in the modded version of the game. 


General features of Last Day on Earth hack APK

Some of the general features of Last Day on Earth are as follows:


Last Day on Earth consists of maps that indicate various locations, a player can explore various locations find multiple resources, and collect various items from every location.

Building the house

Survival is very important in this game to progress. You need a safe place where you can hide from zombies. And there is no better place than a house when we talk about safety. Therefore, players will build a house in this game from scratch by collecting materials from different locations of the game.


For building your house, you can find an option “build mode” located under the mini-map. This is where you can start building your house. All the collected resources are located here, and you will use these to first make the base and floor of the house. As you keep on collecting resources, you can fully make a house.

3d graphics

Last Day on Earth has top-notch graphics that enable you to view things from any angle. Graphics of characters and various items are realistic and enhance the visual experience of players.

Gameplay of Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth is a survival-based game with captivating gameplay. The main story of the game is about saving yourself from zombies. Yes, in this action-adventure game, the storyline starts as you wake up and the world has been infected by a deadly virus. You are one of the last people who are still not infected, and you have to steer clear of zombie hordes for survival. 

You as a player will start collecting various things to build the house for your living. Moreover, you must also make sure you have access to enough resources, such as food, water, and other necessities for survival. Picking the things that are mandatory for building and crafting the things is necessary. One needs to only pick such items that are needed.  Moreover, you will travel to plagued jungles and explore several locations on the map to find building materials. While moving in the game, you have to be very careful as zombies can spot you. One zombie bite can transform you into a zombie yourself. 


To save yourself, there are many powerful weapons like shotguns, and zip guns that you can use to kill the zombies to ensure your survival. In short, the main mission is to kill zombies, build a house, clear missions, and progress. The game has very captivating graphics too which won’t make you bored either. Besides that, we have also added some modded features, you will find them amazing and surprising as they make your survival easy.

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No, they are free in the modded version of the game.

Yes, you can raise the pet in order to ensure the safety of your things.

Yes, it is safe totally.

Final Verdict

This was all the information about the Last Day on Earth MOD APK. To sum up, in some words, we can say, that the basic aim of the game is to kill zombies, build a house, and find weapons and resources for survival. There are also mod features such as unlimited money, unlocked weapons, free crafting, and some other hacks that are very important for survival. If you are interested in this game, then you can find the download button on this page. Click on it and download the mod APK and OBB for free.