Mortal Kombat MOD Apk v5.2.0 2024 | Unlimited coins & souls

Updated February 16, 2024
PublisherWarner Bros
Latest Version5.2.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins & Souls
Rating Count93213

All action lovers are always looking for something that incredibly encourages them to fulfill their needs for thrilling entertainment. For this purpose, they tend to play games and watch movies, and anime to help them enjoy themselves. So, Mortal Kombat is a game that is an intense graphical representation of blood and one-on-one fights and it can also be a priority for action gamers. While playing this game, players have to wait for many features to be unlocked. Action players can be affected by this wait. So, to give you access to the limited game features, we have introduced the Mortal Kombat Mod APK version.  


Game Story of Mortal Kombat Hack Apk

The game story consists of actions, motivations, and unique backstories of characters. The fictional game story is followed by a vast universe. It is based on numerous dimensions each with its own unique and powerful characters and inhabitants. The mystical powers are hidden in each kingdom and these kingdoms represent their fighters. These characters include human martial arts experts or mysterious beings. Each fighting expert has a unique history, so you can choose which fighter would be your favorite against your opponent. 


The whole backstory of all characters is based on the realms they belong to. The game has gone through a great evolution with extraordinary thrilling and mysterious features. The Gameplay is based on face-to-face battles. You have to choose one specific fighter from a kingdom and fight the enemy. Each character has its own unique set of moves that will help throughout the combat to gain victory against the opponent. The most eye-catching feature is the combination of fatalities also called the finishing moves to end the fight most heroically.

Modded Features of Mortal Kombat MOD Apk

Whether it’s watching an action movie with frequent ads or playing a video game with several limited features, it is always time-consuming and difficult. So, we planned to save you time and make you feel engaged with many best features and superpowers in Mortal Kombat. The following are the Mod APK features in contrast to simple Mortal Kombat that will blow up your mind and you will overflow with excitement.

Unlocked Levels with no ads

The standard Mortal Kombat contains certain features that are difficult to unlock. Here, you can easily play on several levels like Asphalt 9 Mod APK. You can play the levels of your choice and make yourself a hero without fighting frequently on the same level. Nobody likes to suffer ads that continuously drive you crazy while playing a tournament. To attack with focus and to show your best moves, these ads have been blocked for a thrilling experience. That’s how you can easily play your game properly.

Unlocked characters and modes

An action player wants to have complete access to all the super expert fighters to have an adorable victory. The current Mortal Kombat version is best for players who can not wait to play with the best martial arts expert or mystic fighter. You can have complete access to any of your wonderful characters in Mod APK. The unlimited modes of Mortal Kombat are also offered in this version. You can play a heart-pumping face-to-face tournament with your friends.

Unlimited Souls

The ending up of souls can be heart-wrenching while playing an action game especially when you reach an enthralling goal. So, this most challenging phase can be achieved with unlimited lives. No matter if you die a hundred times, you will end up being a champion of the tournament. This unlimited feature will also help you make the battle more enthusiastic with easy operations. You do not need to worry about the finite lives of your fighters, think as much as you want before making a move.

Unlimited Coins

You can have boundless access to the coins. So, you can buy any fighting equipment you want. With the Mortal Kombat Hack APK version of Mortal Kombat, shopping for equipment has become easier as you do not need to worry before making any purchase.


The premium and the completely free version offer a more electrifying experience just like the Zombie Frontier 4 Mod APK. You can fight your foe with overflowing power. You can unlock the new equipment and also access the different moves and outfits of any specific character from a dominion.

Fascinating designs with extra brutality and rewards

Another interactive and bursting feature that will be unlocked in the arena is the 3D battlefield which will make your fight the most realistic. You will feel real damage to your opponent while fighting and the blood appears more horrible. You can make your character look more brutal and horrifying with the fatalities and cutscenes. End your victory with a blast of anger and brutality against the enemy.

My Review

As I tried to search for a version that could be more extensive and intense, I came across this MOD APK. I was blown up and completely driven crazy by encountering this version with brutality terrifying actions and dramatics. The finishing of battle attracts me more than any other feature as the brutality of my fighters demolishes the enemy with its final breath-taking actions.


The Mortal Kombat is based on Street Fighter 2, especially on the “Raiden” character who is spelled in the same way in the game as in the movie.

Raiden is a Japanese character that is fictional and considered as god in Mortal Kombat. It has been inspired by the Raijin deity, the god of thunder and lightning.

Shao Khan is the main villain in Mortal Kombat MOD APK. Shao Khan is the master of Sorcerer Tsury. Sorcerer Tsury plays for Shao Khan to support his evil empire.


The Mortal Kombat MOD APK is an extraordinary unique version for players who want to have complete access to all VIP features of the standard version. The enthralling and interactive fictional universe is going to be far more interesting than the real version of Mortal Kombat. The epic tournaments will make your battle up to the mark as a Mortal Kombat Hero.