State of Survival Mod APK

State of Survival Mod APK v1.20.95 | Unlimited Biocaps Money and Resources

Updated February 4, 2024
NameState of Survival Mod APK
PublisherKingsGroup Holdings
Latest Versionv1.20.95
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money and Mod Menu
Rating Count91100

The world is under the attack of infected creatures trying each day to destroy the world. As the leading player of the game, you have to fight against these zombies. To help you get unlimited money and resources, you can download the State of Survival Mod APK. This modified game version will provide gamers with premium and unlimited resources.

Collect the valuable items and upgrade your weapons to save the world from zombie apocalypse. Unlike Mafia City Mod APK, the gameplay of this game is quite different. You have to upgrade weapons to eliminate the enemies. You have to command the character and then make wise decisions to show your combat skills. Embark on this amazing journey and gain popularity in the online gaming world.

State of Survival Mod APK

What is the State of Survival Mod APK?

It is a strategic game based on a fictional story. As the game’s main player, you must gather a team and resources to hold back the zombie apocalypse. The gameplay is similar to the Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK where you have to collect resources and weapons. Upgrade items and unlock crates to get strong equipment. Furthermore, capture the places and throw back the zombies to save the world.

Apart from that, get unlimited money and bio caps to enhance your gameplay. Upgrading the skills and special powers is necessary to improve the performance. So by using the mod app gamers can easily access those features not available in the normal gameplay. In addition, with unlimited resources, you can easily lead the challenges and eliminate the zombies.

State of Survival

Features of State of Survival Mod

It is ranked among the top 10 grossing strategy games on the Google Play Store. The reason for so much popularity is not a coincidence but the quality of features and unique gameplay. The only thing that hinders gamers is the lack of game resources and quality weapons. Fortunately, the mod app provides everything for free which will solve this issue for gamers.

Unlimited Money and Gems

Top-class equipment and items are available in the game shop. Users have to purchase these items by spending money and gems. Those users who are unable to purchase their desired items due to lack of funds can use this application. This provides them with unlimited money and gems which unlocks everything in the game shop for free.

Unlimited Biocaps

Upgrade your characters and weapons to enhance your gaming performance. However, the upgradation of items requires biocaps. Therefore, by using the mod app you can upgrade all the items and weapons effortlessly. No need to purchase the biocaps from the game shop anymore. Upgrade and use all the available items of the game for free.

Unlimited Resources

Like the real world, you have to provide food, water, and shelter to the in-game characters. With limited resources, it is not possible to manage all these things. In addition, with a large amount of army, you will easily run out of resources. So the best way to get unlimited resources is to download State of Survival Mod APK. This will boost your resource collection so that you will easily manage things.

State of Survival Zombies

Upgraded Powers

During the combats, you can also use the special equipment and items. For example, you can use machine guns to help as secondary weapons that automatically target the zombies. To increase the damage caused by the special items you have to upgrade them. Use this feature to level up the heavy items and improve your performance easily.

One Hit Knockout

Normally, it takes a lot of time to defeat powerful enemies. This can be easily overcome by using the mod app as it provides one hit feature. No matter whatever weapon you will use you can eliminate the targets in a single shot. After this knocking the opponents will not be trouble for you.

No Skill Cooldown

Using the special skills is the best way to early knock out the opponents. The only issue with using the skills is the cooldown timer. It takes some time to cool down the used skills and users can avail themselves after the cooldown time. However, if you do not want to wait for the cool down timer then the easiest way is to use the mod app.

Speed Game

With this feature, your speed in the game will increase. You can enjoy the game in fast-forward mode which allows you to quickly finish a level. In addition, this will save time and you will be able to enjoy more challenges and tasks in a short interval. If you do not want to use this feature then you can simply turn it off.

Additional Features

  • Upgrade skills
  • Unlock premium
  • No subscription
  • Unlock everything
  • No signup required
  • Antiban features
  • No bugs or errors
  • Free shopping

Overview of State of Survival Mod Version

It is a dominating strategical game with multiple features. The gameplay is attractive and allows various customizations and upgrades. All these things are available in the mod version which allows full customization. You can enjoy the game with friends to team up and fight against the infected creatures. Apart from that, it will unlock the in-game purchases for free.

State of Survival Zombie Apocalypse

Personal reviews

The game is quite challenging as players have to survive the toughest times. Without any external support, it is not possible to survive for a long time. Therefore, by using the mod version of the game players will get external support in the form of unlimited money, gems, resources, and equipment. With this app, it becomes easy to survive in the game till the end.


Yes, this is an Android-based game.

No, it is an online strategical game.

Yes, it is a good game to play. On Play Store it is ranked among the top 10 grossing strategical games.


To sum up, the State of Survival Mod APK is an easy and quick source of unlocking everything. With this app, players will get unlimited money and gems to purchase the items from the game shop. Apart from that, upgraded items and weapons will boost the performance of the gamers. Lastly, unlimited biocaps and free shopping will help the users to upgrade anything for free.