Whatsapp Arab APK

Free Download Whatsapp Arab APK v6.40 Gold Latest Version for Android

Updated February 11, 2024
NameWhatsapp Arab APK
Latest Versionv6.40
MOD FeaturesNo Bue Tick
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Social media platforms offer unparalleled opportunities for communication and interaction. One of the most used apps for communication is WhatsApp. This application is used to interact with your friends and relatives. However, there are some features which are the drawbacks. If you want to customize this app for free, download Whatsapp Arab APK. This application is for Android users who want to change certain settings in the app.

Moreover, this application’s latest version offers users various in-build features at zero cost. Like other mobile tools such as Netboom Mod APK this application will also enable full customization. However, there are no premium packages or subscriptions of the official app therefore, this app alters the in-app features. It will help you to hide your status from certain users or to make other changes without any subscription.

Whatsapp Arab APK

What is Whatsapp Arab APK?

This Android-based app will enable you to customize WhatsApp and get multiple features for free. It provides free customization to the users so they can easily set up the app according to their desires. In addition, you can easily log in on this app. Simply connect your existing account to this app to access your accounts. Also, you do not have to worry about the privacy issue because it is safe to use.

Furthermore, the Whatsapp Arabic app also provides privacy settings such as hiding profile pictures, message seen alerts, custom notifications, and so on. Some of these features are available in the official app, but mostly it does not provide the desired features of users. Therefore, they insist on getting an alternative to add or remove unwanted features for free.

Features of Whatsapp Arab App

The Whatsapp Arab Gold’s latest version provides several features to the users to provide satisfactory results. In the meantime, it will provide all features whether they are available in the official app or not. You can directly enable or disable the required features from this application anytime you want. Without wasting time let’s discuss the features of this application.

Unlimited Stickers and GIFs

This application contains several stickers to make your conversations interesting. According to the conversation you do it will suggest relevant stickers and GIFs. You can use these items to convey your messages positively.

Whatsapp Unlimited Stickers and GIFs

No Blue Tick

In the official app, when you read a message the other person gets to know about the status of the message. A blue tick appears next to the messages you read. Sometimes, you want to read the messages without letting the other person know about them. In such cases, you can enable this feature to hide the blue tick option.

Whatsapp Arab No Blue Tick

Hide Active Status

If your device is connected to an internet connection then the official app lets your friends about your active status. There is no way of turning it off in the app therefore, we suggest you download Whatsapp Arabic APK to hide the active status. This will hide your active status so that your friends will not know whether you are active or not at that particular time.

Send Large Files

Spending files becomes stressful when you get errors for choosing a large-size file. But in this application, you will not have to worry about the size of files because you can easily share large files as well. It will take no time to transfer the files if your internet connection is swift.

Auto Reply

If you want to send an auto-reply to the users who contact you on this social media platform then set up this feature. Select the type of message you want to send to the users when you are away. This will send an auto-generated message to all those who try to contact you when you are not using your device.

Save One Time Images

In the recent updates of the official app, users can now send one-time images. This image or video disappears when you open it. There is no way to save the images or videos in the normal app. However, by using this application you can easily download the one-time images and videos for free. Also, the other person will not know whether you have saved that content.

Save Stories

If you want to save an attractive image or video that your friends have used in their stories then enable this feature. You can easily download that particular content to your phone’s gallery without asking them to send it in person.

Additional Features

  • Custom emojis
  • Multiple fonts
  • Advanced privacy option
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Custom themes and backgrounds

How to Signup for Whatsapp Arab’s Latest Version?

There are no additional steps for logging your account in this application. You can easily connect your already existing WhatsApp account to this application for free. To sign up for this application follow below the steps:

  • First, download the updated version of the app on your Android devices.
  • Then install the app and provide all required permissions.
  • After that open the app and provide your WhatsApp number.
  • Use the OTP code to bind the connection successfully.
  • Lastly, open the app and give full access.

Personal Reviews

This amazing social media app provides full access to in-app customization without any subscription which is one of the best things. From customizing the privacy settings to downloading the images and videos everything is possible with this app. Furthermore, it provides unlimited WhatsApp GIFs and stickers for free.


The WhatsApp official is very sensitive about privacy policies. Using such kinds of apps might cause trouble but it depends on whether they will track you or not.

Yes, this application provides end-to-end encryption to protect your conversations and data.

It is merely available on Android devices because they allow the installation of third-party apps.


To wrap things up, the latest version of Whatsapp Arab APK is the best application for Android users who want to get additional features of the official app for free. This application can save you from unwanted troubles as you can read the chats without tipping off the other person. Download now to avail many other interesting features of this application at zero cost.