LUDO KING MOD APK v8.4.0.287 | Unlimited Sixes and Money

Updated February 20, 2024
NameLudo King MOD APK
Mod FeatureUnlimited Six
Rating Count63,000
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People of all ages must have played ludo on board in their childhood. It was considered the cheapest indoor game, especially in Asian countries. We used to spend our leisure time on such games when the internet was not that hyped. With time, Ludo also got a digital twist. You all know Ludo King MOD APK, designed to be played by King and Queens in India. It was designed by Vikas Jaiswal. This game became famous and has been downloaded by more than 300 million people just like Yalla Ludo Mod Apk.


Ludo King is a luck-based game that depends on the token number you get after rolling the dice on the ludo board. It’s not a single-player game. You can either play in pairs or with three other members. If you want to win every match or have a maximum of sixes, then this Mod Apk is the best option. If you are a board game fan you can check Aim Carrom Mod Apk. We have come up with modified and premium features. You can cheat your opponents without letting them know. You can play it offline with your friends and siblings and online with your Facebook friends.

General Features of Ludo King

The following are the top-notch features:

Duo play or team play

The gameplay of Ludo King MOD APK comprises two options: you play in a pair or with a team of four to six members. You can play with your family, friends, Facebook friends, and anyone worldwide. You can make a private room or play as a guest.

Selection of graphics

You can select 2D or 3D graphics according to your taste. 3D graphics and attractive colors make it more interesting to play. 

Diamond winning

You can win diamonds and coins by defeating your opponents in the match. The more you earn coins, the more chances there are to unlock premium themes. 

Colors as a player code

Four colors are present in the physical ludo board. In the Android Ludo King version, two more colors are added. The vibrant colors make it attractive to play it again and again.

Live Chats

In online mode, there is an option for live chat during gameplay. You can make friends while playing with people across the world.

Modified Features of Ludo King Mod APK

ludo king mod apk

Unlimited coins, diamonds, and money

The original Indian version of Ludo King gives you access to limited money and coins. You must earn new coins by defeating other members to unlock new themes. Here we have some big news for you. The MOD APK version serves you unlimited coins and money. You can pay them to play plenty of times. 

Unlimited Sixes

In the modified version, you frequently get sixes upon rolling the dice. More sixes means fast reaching your home and, ultimately, more chances to win the match and earn more diamonds.

Offline Gameplay

You are given an option of offline play. You don’t have to be worried about the internet connection. You can joyfully spend your spare time with your friends and family by playing this game.


Interruption by advertisements is the biggest glitch that comes in gameplay. Some inappropriate ads start showing on the screen that are not good for children. You can easily get rid of it in the MOD APK version because it’s free of ads like the Board Kings Mod APK.

All themes unlocked

You need to earn diamonds and coins to unlock new themes and features in the basic version. The mod APK version gives you all themes unlocked in advance. You have to be in gameplay, and then the enjoyment will begin. 

Mod APK – Game Play

The original version of Ludo King gives you limited coins and diamonds. You have to earn more coins to play matches or unlock premium themes. The MOD APK version provides you unlimited diamonds, unlimited money, unlimited sixes, unlimited tokens, all themes unlocked, always winning opportunities, offline play, and ads-free gameplay. Daily spins and bonuses are there to increase diamonds. You can also watch short ads to collect more coins.

ludo king mod apk
ludo king mod apk

In the basic version of Ludo King, you have only four colors, i.e., blue, red, yellow, and green. Orange and purple colors are added in the MOD APK version. Now six members can play the match at once. Rolling the dice results in frequent sixes for you. Your opponents can’t even imagine you cheating. You can also play the snake and ladder game that was part of the physical ludo board. You can play online with your Facebook friends and anyone worldwide. In online mode, you can chat with your members or send emoticons. You can now play it for free on Android and iOS.

My Review

Ludo has been my all-time favorite game. It is entirely devoid of action and fights. 3D graphics and colorful themes in the Ludo king attract the player. The snake and ladder game is more fun for me. You can have enjoyment and a good time while playing. Live chatting and sending of emoticons enhance the pleasure. You can make new friends from different countries. 


To change the dice, you will first go into ‘PLAY ONLINE.’ Then select the dice you want concerning the color you want.

The player needs to go to settings. Press the language button. Select the language you want, i.e., Hindi, Bengali, English, Spanish, Arabic, etc.

King Pass is the paid pass that is used;

  • To unlock the lobbies and premium themes.
  • To get unlimited voice chats, diamonds, and coins.
  • To get ads-free gameplay.


Ludo King MOD APK is the easiest and most played game among all groups of people. Unlimited coins and diamonds, unlimited sixes, offline mode, all themes unlocked, live chatting, ads-free gameplay, and many more premium features are provided to you without taking a single penny. It’s the best application for your mobile phone to have. So what are you waiting for? Download the mod APK version for free for your Android and iOS from our website.