Yalla Ludo Mod Apk v1.3.9.1 | Unlimited Coins And No Ads

Updated February 15, 2024
NameYalla Ludo Mod Apk
 PublisherAviva Sun
Size192.29 MB
Rating Count32,350

Are you a fan of board games? Do you want to enjoy the fun of board games with friends living far away? Then Moded APK is the perfect solution for you. It is kind of similar to Ludo King MOD APK It features the perfect way to connect with your friends you cannot meet.


What Is Yalla Ludo Game?

Ludo is a board game that is very famous in Southeast Asia like the Ludo Club Mod APK. It features 4 different colored tiles you can pass on the board to reach the endpoint. Each person will have a different tile from red, blue, yellow, and green options.

The game is run on the dice. Each player will roll the dice and then move their tile ahead. But to start the game, each player will have to roll a 6 first and then move along with the next numbers they roll.

How Is Yalla Ludo Hack APK Better Than Real Life Experience?

Board games are an essential aspect of our social life. In real life, you can sit with your friends, have something to drink like tea or coffee, and play the well-loved game of ludo. While playing the game, you can have a nice conversation and spend quality time with your loved ones.

But with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the world, it was difficult to meet up with friends as social gatherings were banned worldwide. Yalla ludo Mod APK is the perfect solution for that. It includes features like voice chat and live text chatting through which you can constantly talk with the other players.

Mod Features Of Yalla ludo Mod Apk

The game includes many mod features that make you play like a pro and score a win for certain. Some of these mod features include;

Unlimited coins and diamonds

Earning coins in the available version is difficult. You will need to complete the different games and win to get and save up a substantial amount of coins. But with the latest version of the game, you can get unlimited coins and diamonds. You can use these coins to unlock the different modes of the game or even purchase private rooms to invite and play with your friends.

No Ads

We enjoy games to entertain ourselves and wind down after a long tiring day full of responsibilities. But advertisements can sour the gaming mood and interrupt your fun with your friends. That will not be a worry in yalla ludo mod APK free gems and coins, which provide an ad-free experience.

Fully Unlocked

Like many other games, Yalla Ludo Hack APK Unlimited Diamonds also has some premium features that are locked. In the non-moded version of the game, unlocking these features would cost a fortune. But with the fully unlocked mod feature, you can enjoy private rooms for free!

General Features Of The Game

Yalla Ludo mod app is an addictive Board game for Android and iOS users. The gameplay is simple. The feasibility of playing online in multiplayer mode makes this game one of the Most Downloaded Games on the Play Store. The simple general features make it so appealing. Some of the general features are;

A Real-Life Simulation Of The Traditional Game

The online game offers everything in the version of an app you can get in a traditional board game. This immensely popular board game is replicated perfectly and does not let you feel lacking.

Different Gaming Modes

The different modes of the game make it super interesting and provide variation. There is a player Vs. Player mode, in which you compete against a single player. In the four-player mode, four different players can play together.

A Social Gathering

This game is the perfect solution to having fun with your friends without needing to get together. With the tough schedules, this game and its features of live chats and voice chats have made it possible for you to play and have fun with friends like mortal kombat mobile unlimited souls and coins. Furthermore, you can have private rooms to invite your friends or join public rooms to make new friends.

Different Kinds Of Games

Yalla Ludo Hack Apk does not offer only the game of ludo but also dominoes. So you can play different games and different modes in each game. Furthermore, you can play these games online and offline as well.

A Betting game

To make the game more interesting, there is a feature that allows you to bet. The best thing is that you don’t need to bet real money. Instead, you can bet the gems and coins of the game. The larger the bet, the larger the win is going to be. So, you can win a large number of coins, or you can lose all your coins as well.


You can get diamonds in the game by winning in a bet. As the game has a betting feature, players can bet diamonds in the game. You can win that round of the game and gain many diamonds easily. Furthermore, you can purchase diamonds with the use of money.

You can delete a room in the game by going into the settings. You can go further into the account security and then select the option to delete the room or even the account. The overall process is simple and easy.

Yes! Yalla ludo is completely safe and secure. It is free of any viruses and malware. The game is also constantly updated to make sure there is the possibility of cyber-attacks as well.


Yalla ludo mod APK is one of the finest and most loved online games. You can easily download the game, which can be played on devices like iOS, Android, and even PC. The mod APK version of the game further enhances the gaming experience and makes it fun and interesting to play.